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Specializing in Gourmet Burgers, Mac N' Cheese Bowls, & many other delicious creations.

The Hamburghini hit the streets on December 2013 & from the first moment people saw this pimped out food truck, heads were turning & pictures were being taken, but once they tried our mouth-watering burger creations the people were hooked on our food. The menu & concept of the Hamburghini was the creation of Chef Ronnie Orr.


Ronnie Orr - Chef To The Stars, and Beyond


            Food, friends, fine wine, maybe a cigar, in an outdoor setting with candles flickering and incense whisping through the air. Music softly plays in the background while people start to arrive. Sometimes it's formal, while often the best seem to be the informal type. The idea is familiar to most, and can be appreciated around the world - a party - getting together with friends - to share our time here together - around food, spirits, and a love for conversation, and hopefully, one another. The one common bond we all share: the need to nourish ourselves, through the vast world of gastronomy. Some may say this is not important, or it's too much work... "Isn't it easier just to get it catered...?" - You may have asked yourself this very question. Well, sometimes this is true. Maybe you have ten thumbs, and are more comfortable handling a take-out menu, than a fillet knife? That's ok. We can't all make photo-perfect, delectible-dishes like Bobby Flay. Maybe you consider yourself a "foodie," but can't quite figure out how they make those dishes look and taste soooo goooood? That's ok too. Because now, with the help of REVERE's resident Hollywood Chef-To-The-Stars: Ronnie Orr, you too can make fantastic, simple, and delicious seasonal dishes for your next party (and impress the hell out of your friends at the same time!)

             In recent years, culinary schools have been packed with a new generation of eager students, raised on the popularity (and success) of Food Network shows like Iron Chef, Rachel Ray's 30 Minute Meals, and Guy Fieri's: Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Most everyone is familiar with the maniacal ranting of the overbearing restaurateur/T.V. host Chef Gordon Ramsey. Somewhere in between all the yelling, simmering, grilling, braising, and steeping, are amazing recipes that are often simple, economical, and delicious. Ronnie Orr has been mastering these techniques for a lifetime, and is ready to share them with you.


             Ronnie was raised quite literally, in a kitchen. He has done every job imaginable within the restaurant setting, but it's been the Head Chef position that has made him most happy. "Making people food, and seeing the smiles and expressions on their faces when they eat, makes me so happy. Finding new recipes, seeking out new pallets, experimenting with flavors, and thinking about food outside of the box is what I thrive to do. The key to any successful meal relies on fresh ingredients, a simple approach, and the confidence to take a chance with a recipe - this will most always end up in a delicious meal. Bringing this all together for my clients is my goal."


             Ronnie's client list is a star studded, celebrity A-list from the worlds of T.V., Film, Music, and Professional Sports, including: Donny Wahlberg, Mark Wahlberg, Jeremy Piven, Puff Daddy (Sean "P.Diddy" Combs), Shaquille O'Neil, Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Jamie Foxx, Lorenz Tate, Brian Callen, Troy Aikman, Jerome Bettis, Terrell Owens, Nicole Murphy, Britney Murphy, P!nk, John Cleese, Cindy Crawford, Dustin Hoffman, Jonah Hill, Sasha Baron Cohen, Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, Missy Elliot, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce, just to name a few. Aside from the Red Carpet, it's all of the amazing meals that have been created and enjoyed in the process, that makes Ronnie's dishes so incredibly memorable. With a passion to try anything, (even the most out of bounds delicacies) Ronnie's worldly search for the next flavor combination is what has kept all of his A-list clients happy.


Suriya Events is at it again. They catered an upscale private event at the Louis Vuitton Beverly Hills Boutique for Deborah Lee, the C.E.O. of a popular urban format television network.

Executive Celebrity Chef Yossi and Ronnie Orr were on hand making the Hors D'oeuvres for the bash. He was assisted by Catherine Cresswell who helped create beautiful sweet potato baskets. This petite bite had a wonderful contrast of textures and flavors. The sweet potato basket had a mild sweetness with a delightful crunch. Chef Orr contrasted that with the light smoke of the perfectly sliced salmon and topped with smooth creme fraiche and dill.

The Ahi Tuna Tartar with Cilantro and Cucumber was prepared with sushi-grade tuna. It was packed with flavor. There was pleasant heat from sriracha perfectly blended with plum sauce. The flavor of the cilantro popped while the cucumber gave a smooth finish.

The Roast Beef Tapenade was a generous size. The bread was toasted to perfection. It was topped with succulent roast beef mixed with delicious kalamata and greek olives which added a fabulous brine flavor.

Lanoi Mali, the owner of Suriya Events, made sure that vegetarian guests weren't left out. Platters were put together upon request. They had fresh Vegetarian Spring Rolls dipped in peanut sauce and sesame seeds and Parmesan Crisps with eggplant and goat cheese mousse.

The iced tea with honey, cinnamon stick, and a sprig of mint was a refreshing thirst quencher. The assortment of desserts included Vanilla Creme Puffs, Mixed Fruit Tarts, Chocolate Eclairs, and more was a big hit with party goers.

It was a perfect day for a party in Beverly Hills. The weather was mild. The sun was shining. Customers were bustling around the store while the festivities were going on upstairs at the rooftop terrace.